Our team

  • Mehdi Medjaoui

    Mehdi Medjaoui

    Chairman and Data Portability Evangelist

    Mehdi is an entrepreneur, author and lecturer in software and APIs industries. He founded APIDays conferences, the main serie of conference on API and data portability. He is also co-founder of API Identity portability platform OAuth.io, chairman of LesMAinteneurs - a non-profit supporting maintainers -, steering group chair of MyData Global network and lecturer for a HEC MBA and EMlyon ExecMBA. Mehdi is co-author of Regulating Big tech : empowering the many by regulating the few report.

  • François-Xavier Cao

    François-Xavier Cao

    Head of legal strategy

    Developer and jurist, founder of Datajuristes and doctoral student conducting research on API and interoperability frameworks, François-Xavier is an expert in data protection law, personal information and digital assets. It develops the legal strategy of the datafunding.org project in order to reconcile respect for fundamental freedoms of users and the objectives of research using data provided through datafunding.org.

  • Emmanuel Louisy-Gabriel

    Emmanuel Louisy-Gabriel

    Full Stack web developer and code teacher

    Digital Nomad who has his hand in all kinds of pies, Emmanuel uses his creativity and his curiosity at the service of the code by working as a developer web for 6 years now. After two years at Live Mentor, he is now practicing as a freelancer. Also a teacher at the Wagon Bordeaux, he transmits his passion for the code to his students.

  • Stéphanie Exposito-Rosso

    Stéphanie Exposito-Rosso

    Legal digital advisor

    IT law student currently doing her Master and work as a legal expert. In this work, she has to take care of contracts, write articles to share knowledge on the subject of data protection and also ensure any data processing is in accordance with the GDPR.

  • Antoine Piquet

    Antoine Piquet

    Legal digital advisor

    A student in digital law, Antoine works in parallel to his master's degree as a legal consultant. Within the team, he ensures that data processing complies with the rules of the RGPD. He is also in charge of drafting contracts, and also writes articles to share his knowledge.

  • Jules Prévost

    Jules Prévost

    Full Stack web developer and journalist

    Jules works as a web developer within the technical team of datafunding.org. He is also a journalist for media such as Le Figaro Magazine (report in the largest prison in Papua New Guinea, in the coal mines in Poland...), GEO, Le Monde, La Vie or La Gazette des communes, he also participates to the writing of the contents of the site.